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Thursday, July 24, 2008

...since sliced bread

This morning was a pleasant surprise. The heatwave has finally started to break and it was nice and breezy. Last night we had an intense thunderstorm and it was still incredibly dreary this morning. And just to add icing to the cake, as I was walking, a huge truck plowed it's way through a puddle which splashed right in my face and drenched my right side.

Somedays it's just a good day and you know it's going to be a good day.

Other days you have to fight like hell for it, this was one of those days.

It seems like our little office is moving beyond the storming phase of group development. We had a lot of laughs and even a terrifying run in with one of our 20 legged bugs. Client base was slow but we were still able to get some projects done.

I'm excited because I was walking home I saw some tents set up and a sign for a farmers market. sweet! There is one near me on Thursdays as well but I can never make it. I'm incredibly exciting about being able to do some quality produce shopping on the way home. They have ears of corn, leeks and whoopie pies!

As I passed by the museum of art this afternoon, I stopped to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes: watching tourists run up the rocky steps and then proceed to jump around in a cirlce with thier hands in the air. Trust me folks, this never gets old. But just as I was passing I started to get a sharp discomfort in my right leg. I guess sitting indian style for 8 hours and then leaping out for a four mile walk isn't bowling over well for my legs. Plus my right leg is shorter than my left and tends to get pretty sore . Since this was my last opportunity for a break I decided to climb up the stairs and find a place to sit on top. It was such a gorgeous site. I stopped and just decided to meditate and take it all in.

I needed that, that break, to bring me back to myself. I tend to rush and I feel like in ways I'm beginning to rush this experience. I'm running, and once you start running you never stop. I find myself getting really wrapped up in what's next. I'm here. I should enjoy the present.

Once I got closer to my home, my leg really started to ache so I'm taking it easy. I guess this is a pretty long walk. If my head doesn't get it, my body will sure reinforce the fact. We always tend to get the lessons we need to learn.

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Song: Run, Baby, Run
Quote: Keep it simple, stupid. My highschool yearbook teacher, yeah I have great self-esteem now.

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