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Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's a wonderful dy in the neighborhood

I was really excited about today. This is why people that work love the weekends.
I woke up and I was like, I have this whole day to myself and I can do whatever I want.

First I had to do some grocery shopping which was fun considering I have ten dollars to my name. So I went to Aldi's which I mentioned in previous posts for it's low prices, off-brands and possible contribution to obesity and poor health in America. Well, whatever I no longer see them as cheap but as affordable. I was able to get a bunch of food.
It's always packed in their and everybody shops there.
It's an interesting set-up because (1) they charge you for bags and (2) they don't bag anything for you. They just give you a bag after you pay for it and then direct you to a table where you bag everything yourself.
After I took my stuff back home I went to the flea market down the street at historic clark park. They have them once a month and it's great. I wish I could've taken pictures but batteries dead. There were some Amish sellers out there and I remember someone telling me about these whoopie pies they sell. Well they had them for a dollar. So I rushed back home and got the dollar I was saving to wash my clothes and devoured the best tasting thing on the face of the earth. It was worth not being able to have anything to wear this week.
After that I walked into center city. Walking is my new favorite form of transportation, I see all of these amazing treasures that I would never see if I was on the subway.
I was heading to urban outfitters because they're supposed to be hiring. In addition I'm a recovering shopaholic and window shopping is kinda like my nicotine patch.
I walked around a bit but I was getting hungry and tired so I came home, took a much deserved shower and am now relaxing.
Oh but this is funny, I did stop at Penn's ridiculous bookstore and I was reading this book entitled 'the 10 women you'll be before 35'. I'm apparently in the Dollerless Diva stage. It gave me some great wisdom and I'm looking forward to the lessons I'll learn this year.

BTdubs. I woke up this morning with bites all over my arm and legs. So I guess whatever the house centipedes were eating has multiplied. Awesome.

Song: Material Girl by Madonna

Quote: He who knows how to be poor knows everything. Jules Michelet.

Quote (2): A wise man should have money in his head but not in his heart. Jonathon Swift.

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