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Saturday, July 19, 2008

big white vegetable thing

So I thought I bought two onions but I actually bought two rutabagas. I went to go cut it up and sautee when I quickly realized it was not infact an onion.
I ate a piece of it and it kinda tasted like potatoes so I tried to think of some things I've done with potatoes. I ended up putting it in a pan with oil in the oven t 350. They softened and were really tasty. I mixed it with these concotion of beef cubes, garlic, noodles and red peppers. Tasted reeallly good. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and it's kinda fun to mix random things together.
Fun, that is, until my stomach started exploding within itself. That's when I figured I should probably look online and find out what that mysterious vegetable was.
I googled "big white vegetable things" and kept searching till I finally idenitified it. I'm not sure if it's the main cause of my discomfort. I mean I do tend to get sick everytime I eat beef cause I just don't eat it that much anymore, but who knows.
It was really good and totally worth it.

I'm reading a couple of books right now, one of them is the devil wears prada. I love the movie and found the book for a dollar at a philly friends of the library book sale. It's so much like what I'm going through now, except my devil is north philly. It's the place that's toughening me up and making me pull out my hair. So I guess you could call me time here 'the devil carries a 40.'
But it's all good.

Hopefully my stomach will quiet down so I can get some sleep and be ready for church in the morning. Time will tell...

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