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Friday, July 4, 2008

ordinary people

Synopsis of my fourth of July:
All you can eat ice cream festival

Shaking hands with the Mayor while also annoying his secret service

VIP seats at the John Legend concert

Reminding this nice old man of his daughter who died three months ago

Getting rained on ALL night

Rushing home in the rain and through the smelly subways and dirty streets before the city became a madhouse

Realizing I'm not a college student anymore, I'm a single girl in the city.

Okay so it was a pretty good day, excpet for the night. I really had to remember that I'm all alone and as much as I wanted to stay and watch the fireworks it was a much better idea to try to get home before they started because people were getting drunker and crazier and sketchier. Fortunately, I live in University City (Penn's made up name for the area they inhabit that they so desperately want to be distinguished from the rest of West Philly) so there were plenty of night police on every corner.

So yeah after eating enough ice cream to make me physically sick I went over to Ben Franklin Pkwy to find seats for the parade. I also wanted to catch the John Legend concert so I went all the way to the front and ofcourse everything was blocked off with heavy security. All of us could see that in front of the stage there was a ton of seating but we were told by the guards that it was VIP. Then all of these shfancy people started showing up with VIP tickets and were lead in. Oh how I wanted to be VIP. You couldn't see anything on the outside of the fence. But I just kept thinking, maybe they'll give away extra tickets at some point. About 45 mins after the thought and right before the parade started a woman walked up to me and said "Do you want tickets to the concert?" Psshh, do you even have to ask, then she pulled out a whole stack and handed out like 20. I got to go seat right in front so that was awesome.
Before the concert and parade Mayor Nutter came out and just started shaking people's hands. I was uberexcited cause I've been reading so much about him and it was cool to finally see him. But of course right after he shook my hand I dropped my ticket right between his feet. He nicely picked it up and handed it back to me but I got some pretty annoyed looks from his secret service and some other guy. Akward turtle.

The concert was awesome and I had great seats. The story with the man and daughter thing is too lenghty, sad and elaborate to put here but he was really nice and let me sit under his umbrella after it started raining.

At times it was just weird being by myself. I didn't mind but it would've been cool to have someone to share that day with. Plus the city can be really unnerving when you're a girl all by yourself as I've already learned.

So it was a good day but I remember now why I have never cared much for large cities and I look forward to just taking it easy at home tomorrow.

Another cool thing is that I know this city so well now that I can give people directions. That's pretty awesome. I'm off for some much needed sleep time. Here are some pictures from the concert and of city hall at night which is my favorite building in Philly.

Song: Ordinary People by John Legend
Quote: The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well that's just fabulous. Carrie from Sex and the City

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