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Thursday, July 3, 2008

That was exactly how I felt when I left the office today.
But the day didn't start off that way. The morning was really slow. Alex broke out in some horrible rash and also had some trouble downloading the training stuff for the day, so I leafed through some manuals and oriented myself with some of the organizations in Philly that we work with.
After lunch Alex went over the training stuff and I learned the NSP approach to working with clients. Our work is a lot like that of a social worker and our training materials and approach to client services were designed by social workers. It's pretty intense. But I love our approach because it's strength based( meaning we work with the clients to focus thier energy's on what they do well and teach them how to utilize it) and we work on building relationships with our clients which is pretty awesome. But of course that meant I went through a lot of training today on boundaries; how to make them and why they're important.
I'm horrible with boundaries but just looking through my training stuff, this job is going to absorb my life, energy and time and if I don't have those boundaries it can only equal an unhealthy relationship with the people I'm working with and myself.
But oh boundaries.
I also had to do my weekly report. That's cool because all the site coordinators and summer directors send one out so you can see what's going on with the other offices and get to know who other people are.

Okay so what got me pumped was today I was all the way downstairs when I realized I had left my tupperware in the fridge and they throw everything out on Friday and it's the only one I got. So I rushed back up there and ran into Kevin. Who's sort of our landlord. I don't know if I mentioned this but we are in one of the largest and most respected social services building in the city. Meaning there are a lot of organizations in the building doing things like us, namely "helping people help themselves." For example on one of the floors there is a charter school for young peope who have dropped out of school but want to go back and get their diploma. The program works with them and provides other support systems. They have also have AmeriCorps workers down there which is pretty cool. Anyway I ran into Kevin and started telling him more about the organization and it's great because there are so many opportunities in this relationship. Like he's been trying to figure out how to get Temple volunteers in the building (the students we work with) and we're looking for new members of our board and he might have some connections. Anyway me Alex and Shawn are going to meet with him on Monday so he can let us know who else is in the building. So Pumped.

In other good news some other things in my life are finally working out. The girl who was going to sublease my apartment before she fell off the place of the earth finally got back to me. Sadly her mother had died and she's in Africa and she had sent the rent but sent it to the wrong address so it came back to her. My landlord has been on my case and I really didn't know what to do so I'm happy that will finally resolve itself, somewhat.

Tomorrow is the fourth. Philly has been celebrating since last Saturday but tomorrow there's going to be all sorts of stuff like all you can eat ice cream , a parade, free John Legend concert and ofcourse fireworks. I'm excited.
Yesterday night I got really homesick. It wasn't abrupt but yesterday as I finished unpacking my box I just got a little sad. But I think I know what it is. I mean I go to work, come home, run errands, cook/eat dinner and then crash. Then I wake up and do it again. I gotta get out more and really enjoy and love this city. So today after work I came to the Green Line Cafe which is just a couple streets over from me. It's nice to be out of the apartment. I think next weekend I'll go to the Jersey Shore and visit Jess.

OKay, so ofcourse I'll keep you updated but tata for now.

Oh wait I almost forgot. So I might have to go on food stamps so I was doing some research and I found this article about a challnege to Philadelphia residents to live as if they're on food stamps to bring awareness of the challenges facing families on food stamps right now, might be interesting. Check it out.

Now bye.

Song: Green by Sister Hazel

Quote: From what we get, we can make a living; what we give however makes a life.Arthur Ashe

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