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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I don't really know how to begin this post.
I started off with, "Yesterday was my first day. I liked it. I'm really excited.I'm a walrus."
I can hear my 11th grade English teacher Mrs. Koszoru blasting my now about my use of simple sentences.
Yesterday was a great day though. I did start my job and I can tell I will thoroughly enjoy it. I felt so grown up. Waking up yesterday morning was a breeze. Knowing that I was waking up to go to this job which I was so excited to start rather than some class on the theory of human identity, you can't buy that feeling.
Yesterdy consisted mainly of moving into our new office space. I learned more about this organization and my responsibilities by leafing through some old papers and reading ourNational impact reports.
I love the people I work with because we're all so different and bring such different perspectives to the table. It will be exciting troubleshooting. Our office has many challenges, including recruiting volunteers and "difficult" clients. Ive already heard from Alex (former site coordinator) and Shawn (my-co) that I will learn so much. In fact, Shawn noted that he learned more here than in college. Well we will see.
So I'm in that training phase, taking it all in. I'll learn about community resources in North Philly, how to work with our clients, Temple and other universitites in the area, National NSP stuff. It's all good.
I also love this independence thing of getting to work on my own and living on my own, and sorta kinda being financially independent. Yesterday I came home and I went to the grocery store and CVS to run some errands. Errands. Feel like I'm playing dress up or something.
Anywho I have to get ready for work and pack a lunch and then be off. Farewell for now.

Song: 9-5 by Dolly Parton

Quote: Ok don't forget to pick up some mace. Mom.

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evangeline said...

OMG, you sound so grownup! I have never lived in my own apartment as a single! No regrets, however, I am seeing this experience through your blogs! Kudos