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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

doodle doodle

Random things from my mornign of reading the newspaper and some spiritual things

Article in the slow movement towards housing

The presence of the homeless in the famous Rittenhouse area at least gets people talking.

If we are not related to ourselves in wholeness, is it any surprise that we cannot perceive the wholeness of the world? […]
Because the source of human conflict, social injustice, and exploitation is in the human psyche, we must begin there to transform society. We investigate the mind, the human psyche, not as an end in itself, as a self-centered activity, but as an act of compassion for the whole human race. We must move deep to the source of decay in society so that the new structures and social systems we design will have a sufficiently healthy root system that they will have an opportunity to flourish. […]
Vimala Thakar, From "Spirituality and Social Action: A Holistic Approach"

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