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Monday, July 21, 2008

round and round and round we go...

The historic boat houses that I see as I'm walking over Spring Garden bridge in the morning. You can see the Philadelphia Zoo balloon at the top.
The skyline on the other side of the bridge. Picture doesn't do it justice, it's gorgeous!
Coming up to the art museum.
The art museum and the rocky steps.
Logan Circle/ pool of the people

So, as promised, here are some pictures of some of the things I see as I'm walking to and from work. I was mildly productive at work today. I've been researching departments, professors and pretty much everything ever at Temple to try and see where we can make some contacts and get students in and the like. I had a great walk home. I stopped at Logan Circle. It was packed with people using the fountain as a swimming pool. It was really fun to watch. Every fountain gets used as a swimming pool. It's a way of life. I was trying to finish reading my book, the need for roots, before I had to return it. To no avail. Because it was on special loan, I couldn't renew it but I'll just check it out again sometime and try to get through it. I picked up three new books: (1) why good people do bad things: how to stop being your worst own enemy (2)Your America: Democracy's local heroes and (3)On my own: the art of being a woman alone. That last book made me feel like I've entered some weird unchatered chapter in my life. But they sound good.

As I'm walking home on the walnut bridge. There's the museum and the 30th street station.

My hood.
Song: Father and Daughter by Paul Simon
Quote: These black people at any rate, when nobody came to massacre them, or reduce them to slavery, knew how to live happily on their land. Contact with us is making them lose the art. That ought to make us, of all colonized peoples, think they hadn't after all more to teach us then to learn from us.
The need for roots.

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