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Monday, December 22, 2008

what you learn when you burn

Ha. The past few days have been good.
I wanted to read a few passages from the Bible but could not
find mine. So I read the next best thing, my journal. Oohhh hope that isn't sac-relig. But there were some startling insights. I mean Startling, with a capital S. One was a note I had written to myself about how to deal with difficult situations:
Ask, How can I use this experience to become the kind of person my soul longs to be?
How can I use this lesson so that others can learn from me and maybe bypass a difficult life experience? How can I use this incident to heal my own heart? How can I use this lesson to help the healing of the planet?
Deep I know, but I hope to continue to reflect on those questions. Oh the lessons I've taught myself.

I need to go home and clean a little but I ventured out to get some fresh air. I've had enough, back to my little home.

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