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Friday, December 12, 2008

everyone has a bad week

and this one was mine...
I mean I want to stay positive and upper and say yeah lessons learned, the sun will shine tomorrow, but this was a very stressful week that left me crying a lot and tired. I do hope the old adage is true that if you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain.

Yesterday I got caught in a terrential downpour. I wish that was an exaggeration but it was not. All of my money got wet which meant that the token machine wouldn't except my money. I tried to get dry money from the septa man but he yelled at me. So I attempted again which resulted in a loss dollar. So I ventured out into the rain to find a store that would be willing to give me a dry five dollar bill. Two stores later I was back into the subway. I got home completley drenched and freezing. My shoes were filled with water and as cold as ice. I hate to complain but it really sucked. Then my phone broke. Just broke cause of all the water in it. Although I was able to keep a cool head about that because I was sure I could get it to work again and I did! Yeahhhh!!! Because lord knows I couldn't afford that.

I feel horrible about not being able to go to my runs in the morning even though I couldn't afford the tokens.

And my clients and work and draining computer time, it was all just enough to make me waiting for the weekend. I wish I didn't have to work this weekend but alas.

But I'm so thankful for good friends and long talks. On some good advice from Priys I left the house for a walk just to get out and get my head clear. To get my head out of the fog and the burden off of my shoulders. I feel like I should be a lot tougher then this. Don't people have worse problems? Don't I still have much to be thankful for. So in order to keep my spirits high I'm going to do a love list, a stolen idea, to remind me of the things that make life wonderful.

I love:

The song beyond the sea


pugs and bulldogs!!!

good discussions

spending time and talking with friends

feeling carefree (where did that feeling go)

a good book

big coffee cups

van morrison

the movie I am Sam

airports and airplanes

that I'll be back in Gainesville soon!!

Watching the Gators and being apart of the Gator Nation

When my clients get jobs

when my clients are reminded of how they can overcome things

when my volunteers laugh

when I actually complete a project

when me and my co have a good tension-less conversation

our new boss and his new baby (or at least hearing about it, I met him on Friday)

my job and the organization I work for.

so many people, so many.

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emilyvux said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I read your blog regularly even if I don't always leave comments. Sorry about your bad week. There are ups and downs in life, as I know you know. You're doing good work for lots of people. Hope you have happy holidays.