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Thursday, December 11, 2008

model the way

Life has a way of teaching you lessons you think you're too experienced to need.
This occured to me yesterday.
I'm in the process of thinking of an overhaul of our client service. More specifically looking at what needs to be done in terms of volunteer training, resource development and outreach to ensure that our clients are receiving the best possible service and assistance in reaching their goals and self-sufficiency. This is very important because as the econonmy worsens we are going to need to be on our toes and prepared to bring the most pertinent and useful information to our clients.
I'm working right now on volunteer training in managment. The last couple of weeks I had one-on-ones with all of our volunteers to gage their experience and comfort with the resources and client service. Now I'm synthesizing all of that information and turning it into tangible goals in our office. Mindnumbing at the least but a part of a larger vision.
Anyway, I've been watching the volunteers (creepy creepers) and how they work with clients and just are in the office. Ofcourse I see things that don't make me happy and these were addressed in their one-on-ones but the issue is setting the precenent.
I was then reminded of apart of the New Volunteer Training that I did on the leadership challenge and the concept of modeling the way.
The activity we did on it is still posted on the wall and is a constant inspiration to me. Especially when evaluating my volunteers. I need to ensure that I am modeling the service I expect and providing an example. Aka leading.
Some of the ideas put up on how to model the way are:
follow up on our visions through action

maintain a positve helfpful attitude through the thick and thin of the process

never ask someone to do something you're not willing to do

if we want to stree the benefits of hope and enthusiasm within the lives of the clients, we need to be hopeful and enthusiastic about our lives and the potential of society

not being intimidated by injustices but rather being commited to thinking of creative alternatives

set concrete goals to motivate ourselves and our clients

So before we cast a critical eye on the outside world, let's first look within and determine if we are a model of the vision we are attempting to create.

At some point, it is inevitable that you find yourself and it is up to you to determine whether that moment, that encounter will be about gladness or about sorrow. Miguel de Unamuno

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