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Monday, December 8, 2008

the long way around

Go Gators!!!

I had such a great weekend celebrating the Gator win. Josh and I reunited our weekly tradition of attending the Philadelphia Gator games. Ofcourse this weekend was packed with Gators. We found our friends Kris and Mitch and sat and watched the game with them. It was nailbitting-uberexciting. I wish I could go to the National Championship game but it will be just as exciting to be in Titeltown celebrating with my friends and the Gator Nation.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of work and getting random things done and checking out things from the library.

Today has been bittersweet.
I had a productive meeting with my co this morning, which was nice.
Then I had a meeting at the Library with one of my volunteers. We were meeting with different departments that fit into our model and we could work with. It was awesome!! I had no idea how many services the library provided. They do most of the stuff we do around employment but in addition they provide workshops on issues relevant to job seekers and the librarians act as advisors for those interested in finding a career. The librarian also gave us a list of places to look for jobs. It was wonderfully informative. Plus being in the library made me excited for a future as a librarian. Right after grad school...

Unfornately this morning I had to let a client know that we could no longer work with him. Last year he was banned from the office by the former site coordinator. We were unaware of this when we started working with him. It became apparent when I was working with him that he had an anger management problem but I was able to develop some trust with him. He also cannot read and I'm sure this made it frustrating for him to navigate the myriad information resources available. However although we worked well, he made everyone else uneasy. So this morning I had to let him know that he was unable to come back to the office. It was hard, he was happy to see me and ready to work on some stuff. He just couldn't understand what was going on and he called back to try to explain his actions. I believe in second chances but in the best interest of the entire office and some people who are uncomfortable....

So that has been my morning. Plus it's the coldest day ever. I think the temp is in the teens and their is a code blue in the city to move the homeless into the shelters. It was not easy to get out of bed this morning and I am just as excited about going back.

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