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Saturday, December 6, 2008

in times like these...

Yesterday night I was present when an awfully racist comment was said. Although it wasn't directed towards anyone in the room I was appalled and somewhat embarrased that it was said. It was obvious that the statement was not accepted by everyone but still it had been said and it was disturbing.

It made me trully question my own commitment to making a space, a community, our world more inclusive. Should I have said something? What would I have said? Did we as a group do enough so that person would understand the implications of their comment?

And what about those 'oh that's not racist' comments that people make that aren't overtly offensive but hint at the type of discrimination and racism that permeate our society. It's much easier to laugh them off, to convince yourself that the other person has admirable qualities and so can't very well be a racist/sexist/homophobic/ person. But everyperson has their good sides and 'growth points' and no person can be seen as wholly free of discriminating thoughts. I mean they're ingrained in our institutions and the way that we categorize everything and so they must find thier way into the mindsets of everyone at one point or the other. So what do you do? and how do you combat it? And in the end, how do you stay true to your own values and morales without appearing to manipulate or 'change' others?

So how did you know if you did enough? I am reminded of the Serenity prayer, and ask again, n ot just for the wisdom to know the difference, but for the tools to change the things I can.

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