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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

your love

So yesterday morning I woke up with a very dry throat and nasal passages. Throughout the day it go worse and I when I was leaving Lush last night I started sneezing rapidly. Since my nasal passages and throat were dry it hurt and then I became pretty mucusy and then I got a fever and I ended the night gasping for air as I went to bed.
I woke up this morning, to a 55 degree morning, quite stuffed up and pretty miserable. If the Philadelphia air was a friend of mine, its name would be Judas. I guess I'll need to get a humidifier or something.
I slept around but I needed to get to work today to get some stuff done for our planning session, and prepare some volunteer stuff and clean my desk which is (was) a swamp of papers and empty water bottles.
Last night at Lush was such a great night. It really is a fun place to work and I usually get the same shifts with the same girls and they're so much fun. We had some great customers and I generally love making people feel happy. There was this one woman who kinda peeked in and I gestured for her to come in. She works in the states and Latin America and does some sort of programming that develops partnerships with Universities. She was visiting Penn to talk to professors and had just gotten back from Syracuse. She was wonderful, apparently she had a rough day so we treated her to a hand treatment and showed her all of our awesome products. I gave her a bunch of samples of stuff just to cheer her up and she bought some of our awesome shampoo bars and she left the store in such a better mood. I was sad to see her go but happy that we made her night. She thanked us and we generally enjoyed her.
Then another woman came in who had just broken up with her boyfriend of seven years. She was in Philly with her parents recovering from her breakup. I wanted to giver her a hug and just sit and talk with her, she looked so sad. But we did have a good talk. I get so emotionally attached to our customers, its ridiculous.
We played Disney songs and sang and danced to them all night. The night just flew by. I had had a stressful day as well and some heavy client meetings so it was a nice ending. I went home with some orange juice and spent the night talking to a good friend from college and my lil cuz whose birthday is today,yeah!
My boss and one of our staff members is in town for our planning. We're all going to dinner tonight which I'm pretty excited about.
I cannot wait for our planning session, we'll be setting all of our program goals for the year and it will feel good to finally get some direction in the day to day things. I've lost momentum, especially this week because I'm not sure where to go next really. There are so many things to do and so many places to start. Oh yeah, and my birthday is tomorrow, I'll be a ripe old 22 ha!
So back to work, I have this amazing Hall and Oates station on Pandora which is pretty much the best thing ever. G'day all!!

Song: Private Eyes by Hall and Oates

Quote: While you have a thing it can be taken from you... but when you give it, you have given it. No robber can take it from you. It is yours then for ever when you have given it. It will be yours always. That is to give. James Joyce

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