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Friday, September 19, 2008

work it!

I am fresh off of our planning session and full of energy so I thought this would be a great time to post.
It has been a wonderful two days and has really rejuvenated me. Plus while reading through the weekly reports of some of our other site coordinators I was able to get some great new ideas.
So the purpose of the planning session is to lay out our quantitative goals for the year in terms of client service, volunteers, community partners and office infrastructure. Today was really great because we had a session with our LAB member (who I love!) and also allocated our $6000 budget (whom I do not love).
We had to do a lot of assessment and strategic planning and forecasting. It was like stretching my brain in a million different places. But in the end we were able to paint a picture of where we want our office to be at the end of this program year.
I really love our organization and our office has a lot of potential in the upcoming year.
I've also learned that I love working in nonprofit management although I have many qualms with the nonprofit sector as a whole. Albeit legitimate ones as anyone in the nonprofit sector is aware of.
I enjoyed my birthday. It was great getting so many wonderful messages and notes from everyone, even our CEO! And UPS keeps missing me on a package from the hills of Alabama, so whoever sent it, I'm sure I will be receiving it soon so no worries.
Yesterday night at Lush (yes I worked on my birthday) I met these two older women who are in town to run the Philly half marathon. I was really inspired and now I'm going to be more proactive about my trainings. I can do it!

Yeah ok, that's pretty much it.

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