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Friday, September 5, 2008

have fun, shake a tailfeather

I'm realizing I could be more productive in the week. I only usually realize that at the end of the week when the notches on my to-do list are not as significant as I want them be.
I'm hinging on brainfartness though.
Having dinner with some friends from church at their home and I'm pretty excited. I'm more in the mood to go home and just veg. but maybe I'll feel more energetic when I leave.
We did our interview with the Temple reporter and I'm really hoping good things from this. Volunteers, we want volunteers.

I had such a great convo with Psquared last night. Able to get frustrations out and talking about growing edges and share our new grown up lives.

I can't believe in two weeks Ill be 22 years old. it seems like such a big number and so scary. I really like where I am in my life though, although parts of me just want to be a kid with far less responsibilities and worries.

So at my job the SC's and some national office staff are in a fantasy football league. I have no idea what's going on and based my draft picks on teams I liked and my insticts while completely ignoring the ESPN suggestions. Let's hope for a win.

You'd think that living in Philadelphia I would be exempt from hurricanes but you would be wrong. Were expected to get some serious Hurrican Hannah runoff this weekend but nevertheless I plan to go to work and then head to the bar to watch the Florida/Miami game. Here's hoping I'm not too tired. I don't normally go out on weekends, I rarely went out in college. I just like being by myself. Lush can also be overstimulating to me and I don't know if it's best to go into another rowdy environment. I'm more excited about staying in and reading but I'll see how it feels.

Nothing deep or stimulating here. I'm tired and it has been a long week. Good Luck and Good Night!

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