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Thursday, September 4, 2008

when you dream..........

So now that the day is finally winding down my emotions are starting to settle.
It's almost 5 and at six I'm going to a community meeting on voting rights for homeless and exoffenders.
Some exciting news for the office, I e-mailed a reporter from the student newspaper and got an e-mail back with them wanting to do an article. It makes me very excited and hopefully it will turn into some volunteers working with the office.
So in relation to a question I brought up in a previous post as well as the quote I put in my last post. The difference between astronomers and astronuats. I didn't mean to string you on, I just simply forgot.
So astronomers basically study space and then use that information to form decisions. But they never go to space.
Then there are the astronauts who use the information and research that astronomers gather to go into space and discover and interact with the environment.
In the world of 'change making' for lack of a better term there are those two types of people, the ones who study issues and muse on them and the ones who interact witht the issues and hope to make change with what knowledge they have.

Because I plan to have a future career in information science I'm fascinated by the need for and access to information. In most cases there is a significant informational gap between those who are studying 'up there' and those who are practicing 'on the front lines.'
Without getting into a lot of hodge podge from my head that will just make this blog unbearably long I'll just sum it up with, change happens in relationships.
Astronomers with the astronauts and astronauts with the....space rocks?
Change happens because we believe in each other.

Relationships are hard, especially working ones, because you can't break up and things need to get done. Some tensions and problems can't be solved only managed ;). Sometimes no matter how much you understand someones communication style, it doesn't make communicating with them any better. It doesn't really do anything besides make you realize why you don't communicate. Sometimes information just gives you a framework for getting through, and that's the best you can do.

All I hope to do at the end of the day is the best I can.

I hope to be planning a vacation soon or some time off. I like spending time by myself. It makes me a better person and I think the time for reflection helps me to have more functional, effective and working relationships. I find myself being really tense more than I want to be.
I'm off friends. Much love family and friends.

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