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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

running, running

I'm going to do a half-marathon.
Some of the VISTA's from our national office are participating in a half-marathon in Richmond in November and extended an offer. I've wanted to run a full marathon for a while so this will be a great adventure. I'm ready ready ready to run.
I think I'm getting a bigger grasp on juggling my responsibilities in a day, although I haven't reallyg gotten anything done but had some great client meetings. Maybe there is no perfect juggle.
I think I am very much in need of a vacation or some time away. I would just like the opportunity to relax and go somewhere nice. But I would def. need to save up because even though I've know got my job at LUSH, I'm still getting paycheck to paycheck. It's no way to live.
I see how it beats people down every day in the eyes of our clients. You don't get fortunate to have a dream job or do something you love, it's just whatever, whatever pays and is available.
I just started reading this book "The Working Poor" by david shipler. It's pretty interesting and very realistic. Although, it doesn't put me in the best mood before I get to bed at night.

Speaking of that, last night two bikes were stolen from the porch of my apartment (I live in a Victorian rowhouse converted into apartments; think Full House opening scene) this morning. They belonged to people in our building. I'm no longer phased by senseless acts of crime but it just seems so silly. It has me thinking twice about wether I want a bike or not. I now make enough money where the Subway isn't a bad idea and somedays when I feel like just getting out, I walk home and see the sites and take in the fresh air. Plus I don't want to get hit by a car, or have to worry about my bike being stolen.

Okay so I have a conference call on fundraising that I'm supposed to be preparing for. Ciao!

Song: Running by Gwen Stefani http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-MNtN84NYk

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