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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

words of wisdom

Some inspiring things I've read lately:

The focus should not be so much on how to change other people to conform to our standards, our values. Rather we must learn how to accept and understand other people in their own right, acknowledging the validity of their values, their behavior.
Morris Massey

If you do what you love to do then you won't do it in an average way. From that point on work became a joy. I made choices based on what I believed in, and I had no regrets. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself of the many different lives that can be lived, which is the one that is going to inspire you.
Angela Bassett

I started drinking coffee again. Not good. I got a huge burst of energy yesterday morning, but this morning I'm just really restless with a slight headache. I'm not a fan of these four mile walks anymore, regardless of how may pretty places I've seen. I can't wait till I have enough money to buy a bike. Yesterday at my small group potluck I got some great suggestions on a great bike place on 50th and Baltimore that I'm going to check out this weekend.
So I'm reading some good books from the library. One is Volunteers: A social profile which has given me some great ideas on recruitment and management and also Generation me: why todays young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled and more miserable than ever before.
I also picked up a book the national office is reading called Begging for Change about the state of non-profits in America.
More training tonight at LUSH, more free stuff. I'm excited. Alrighty then.

Song: Caravan by Van Morrison

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