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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

there's a hole in the world

I have a ball of frustration in the middle of my chest.

Either way, the day must go on. I have to work tonight and I wish I could just call in sick or something because I'm very tired and I just want to go home and clean up my very dirty apartment. Yesterday, I got a box from home which was really exciting. It included all of these wonderful little trinkets which I was super exctied about including a new straightner, thanks mom!

I had a really great conversation with one of my clients today. Because I was helping her she decided to help me with some info about Philly. She was really surprised that I didn't have a television and gave me some places to go. It was really awesome. I admit I was caught off guard because I wasn't expecting to receive any help but a wonderful surprise.

The Penn region had a conference call about recruitment where we shared best practices. Our organization is in a different groove than almost everyone else. At this point we don't really have any returning volunteers and we don't know much about the culture of Temple. I wish we had a strong corp already, then my role would be an advisor, inspiring the students to do more, be more and lead more. But at the state our office is in we are mainly trying to build a strong base of committed volunteers to best serve our clients.

I think there are some fundamental differences on how to go about this and what is best between me, my co and the other SC from West Philly. Taking everyone's ideas and molding them into what is best for the organization is such a duanting task. But I see it this way. If you put a painter, a decorater, a plumber and an electrician in a new house and asked them what is the best thing and most important thing to do for the house they would all have different ideas. Neither one of them has the ulitmate truth, they all have different views because those different views can work together to make the house as beautiful as possible. But sometimes people just want to assert their validity and how right they are rather than just having pride in what they do and appreciatin that all the other people know what they're doing and want to see a beautiful house as well.

This is life. Learning how to work with other people to achieve a common mission. I feel like I'm at the base of the tower of Bable and God has just confused our languages and we can't complete our task.

Blob, blob, blob.
I've learned something. Country music really relaxes me, especially anything by Reba, Faith or Martina. I think because it reminds me of Virginia and I always get this sense of calm. I love the melodies of country music as well.

So yeah, the day continues. I hope everyone in Florida is well oh that reminds me. So yesterday there was a man in the office who was planning to move to Florida and was trying to remember the name of the organization that his sister worked at where he wanted to apply to work. He mentioned it was in Gainesville and so Shawn montioned to me. The guy was like, yeah it's a home for disabled adults. I was like Tacachale. And he was like yeah. Apparently they had been searching for like five minutes and the man couldn't remember. I love it when things like that happen.


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Song: I'm gonna take that Mountain by Reba Mcinitire

You're gonna Be by Reba Mcinitire

Quote: Logic is superficial, life goes deeper, and in life all opposites are joined together, they exist together. Remember this, because then meditation becomes balancing. Nipun Mehta

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