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Friday, August 8, 2008

tired energy

I have had so much restless energy today.

I think I'm sick of planning, I just wanted to get started already. But if we don't plan, we won't have a strong foundation for the year, but still.

Planning, planning, planning.

We will also be having a strategic planning session in September, which will be a two day planning event. Food is covered, so I am happy. This organization really spoils me, but a good spolining,that makes me work harder. But that reminds me, I've been trying to work in my impulsivity because basically whenever I want something, I just get it, but I feel like I could be saving more. Well I tried to resist the urge to go get a candy bar (becuase I have major sweet tooth). I also thought that by controlling my impulses I would be able to better control other impulses like emotional ones or my type a ego. Well it backfired. The next day I just ended uo getting two sweet things (a Strawberry frosted dunkin donut and a tasty cake honey bun, which I also plan to get after work.) So I'm just going to get what I want when I want it and practice more discretion rather than control. I really miss Publix Key Lime Pies, ohhh (drools) They're so good and wonderful and there are none up here. And people I ask don't even like them, wha...? I

But anywho, planning and preparing and thinking are all really draining avtivities for me, I can't wait till something we planned actually happens.

Tonight is the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, they're having a host of events in Chinatown which I really would like to go to. I just don't have any money and I really want to go home and eat dinner, eat something.

I'm currenlty reading a really inspiring book called Your America: Democracy's Local Heroes. It profiles different people who noticed an injustice in society and then through action, developed programs and services in response. It's really inspiring and details how much tenacity and enthusiasm it takes to get to the root of problems in our society and develop effective strategies against them.

This weekend will be a lot of reading and working and hopefully sleeping and refueling. I'm looking forward to getting paid next week as well, woot woot. I've been just making it paycheck to paycheck which is really stressful. I just constantly hope that unexpected costs don't come up in the days leading up to my next paycheck.

Good thing though is that we got a raise from a 10,800 stipend to a 12,000 stipend. That's huge! Although I don't think they're taking enough taxes out of my paycheck, so I need to talk to my boss about that. Even though the Olympics are really important to me, I think I'm just going to head home and get some rest. It is much needed. Plus I have to study for my LUSH training on Sunday. It makes me feel like I'm in school. Not awesome.

And that, and that, and that's all folks!

Song: Glad Tidings by Van Morrison

Quote: If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work. --Thich Nhat Hanh

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