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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

don't stop believing

Our office got robbed today.
Shawn and I had left the office to put some fliers on campus and stop in on our University partners. When we got back, our phones were gone as well as Shawn's backpack. We had a client so I met with him while Shawn got things sorted out.
He seems very very frustrated. Its his fourth time getting robbed in the city and he just seems to be taking it hard. I can only imagine. His car keys and house keys were in there as well as our office key. He filed a police report and the building staff seems to be really supportive.
It's unclear of who did it although we have an idea. Not a client though.
I just worked with two really wonderful clients. One is this guy who has all of these business ideas and the other was this sweet 18 year old girl. Sometimes I just really enjoy my job.

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