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Monday, February 23, 2009

what do you love...

I heard love lists are theraputic and I would appreciate that right now, the order doesn't mean anything, consider it stream of conciousness. And I won't list people because I try very hard to love all of the people in my life:

1. The way the light flows through my window on Sunday mornings. It seems like liquid gold and the warmth of the sun feels like home on my skin. I love it.
2. Feeling a sense of peace. Recently my body has felt tense and unsettled and busy. Peace is possible.
3. My torquoise fireplace. The color reminds me of the essence of life.
4. The arts. going to museums. listening to new music. watching shows. We need the arts. I need the arts. It is the soul and heart of what we do, its redeeming and liberating. Expressing yourself through the
5. My job.
6. Being the best version of myself.
7. Florida Gators.
8. The movie I am Sam
9. Reconnecting with the people in my life, sharing our lives, support and caring and being an encouragement.

This weekend was our leadership team retreat. It was well received by all our team members and at the end of the week they had bonded in such wonderful and powerful way. It made me very proud. Yet it was all so tiring and all I wanted to do was sleep, just sleep forever. But alas, this morning it was back to the grind.

I was reminded of the power and delicateness of idealism in this world. How do you go out and change the world without the world changing you? And when/how do you find the balance between the change that becomes inevitable and necessary and the change that just doesn't feel right.

I recently read this in the Times http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/22/education/22fafsa.html?ref=education. It reinforced some of the work we've been doing in our office. Namely taking advantage of the new FAFSA application used by our partner.

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