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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am very tired, and I haven't had much energy all week. I'm trying to scout a day this week that I can either work from home or just take a day off. I'm low on pretty much everything and we're only going to get busier.
Working with our volunteers has been pretty energizing though. And I've been reading through some of my first blog entry's when I started to rekindle the energy I had when I first began. I'm so glad that I started this blog and that so many other people have also been able to benefit from it.
One of our volunteers is so pumped and I'm happy to be apart of this experience with her. It reminds me of my excited about everything days, which I guess I'm pretty much still in. There are so many opportunities for students to do something in the world. I just got information about a conference that I got to participate in last year and was able to pass it on to all of our offices. Hopefully we'll have a big NSPresence at CGIU this year. Our students get to work on poverty alleviation and understanding on the broader issues every day. I've learned so much from them already.

Okay toodles. Gotta rekindle the energy before a long night at Lush.

Song: Silver lining by Rilo Kiley

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